Your Chief Behavioural Officer


Every consumer brand leader is tasked with understanding, predicting and influencing consumer behaviour.

However, as majority of human decisions are subconscious and human subconscious brain processes 11mln bits of information per second, it is not always easy to identify what influenced a particular behaviour. The smallest of details, like size of the font, sound of a word or placement of a piece of information on a packaging, website or in-store, can have incrementally positive or negative impact on consumer behaviour.

This is why more and more successful brands create their own behavioural teams to help them adapt these seamingly unimportant yet incredibly impactful aspects of their brand strategy and customer exeperience. However, not every brand needs or can afford a full team of behavioural experts.

This is why we have created Your CBO service, where you basically rent out our team for a selected amount of hours a month. We become your own behavioural team supporting you every step of the way to help your brand flourish.

We offer three packages: Curious, Invested, Devoted.

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