Why we’re seeking solace in our favourite classic TV shows during lockdown

19 November 2020

It seemed that during lockdown, the most common activity was to watch our favourite TV shows. Stylist has interviewed our founder, Kate Nightingale, to understand why we took solace in our favourite TV shows. According to her: “ Our favourite TV shows are so comforting because they give us a feeling of safety. We know what will happen to the characters we love and we know how they made us feel, often comforting, inspired, safe or motivated”. To better explain: “We know what to expect which is completely opposite to the feeling we are faced with every day now. Lack of certainty is daunting and returning to the safety of our favourite films and TV shows is a great escape”. Moreover, the sense of nostalgia made us remember all the good memories associated with those “simpler” times (even though we know that they weren’t that great!)

This is a possible explanation for which we are taking solace in our favourite TV shows.

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Image Source: Stylist