What I Learned Buying Exclusively Black-Owned For A Week

19 November 2020

In the current society, institutional racism and socioeconomic disparities still stop Black business from thriving. For instance, one of the biggest challenges faced by black entrepreneurs is raising funding and securing financial partners. By looking at different fields such as fashion and beauty, food or entertainment, Bustle has shown that the issue for Black businesses is not a lack of Black-owned businesses, but rather a lack of exposure alongside with stubborn consumer habits.

It is necessary to do more to allow Black businesses to thrive as “the human brain is wired to prefer anything that is easy and intuitive,” says our founder Kate Nightingale. “But that means that unless information like the race of the founder or management is immediately available, people will rarely expense more effort to find out.” Following this, it may seem that black businesses should  make the information about ownership and management more accessible. However, so much more can be done.

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