In this week’s Human Discussions talk, our founder has met a true visionary, Rebecca Saunders.

Rebecca is the founder of Seekology, a beauty and wellbeing retailer, where focus on smaller brands (most of them owned and run by women), discovery of products that enhance holistic wellbeing, and authenticity are key building blocks.

Well-being is not a trend anymore, it is a natural way of being and consumers must be able to find their own rituals and practices to support it. Rebecca has been clear about this individuality in every person’s unique journey to their wellbeing. That’s why Seekology is about honest and authentic advice that help a customer find products that truly fit their needs and desires.

As our founder Kate mentioned, the concept of well-being can have different meanings but for Seekology it also means supporting women in business, creating a sustainable brand and ensuring a positive work life balance for all the people working in the brand. Brands too often say they do something and maybe even provide experiences to customers that fulfil what they claim, but it is rare to then see them living these claims internally. Rebecca understands that to truly be able to deliver wellbeing to their customers, her team needs to also go on a journey to creating their own holistic wellbeing.

In this particular time in history, community is also playing a fundamental role. Rebecca has always focused on the importance of community. In fact, our founder Kate Nightingale developed a model of Multi-brand Retailer Community consisting of three areas of relationships necessary for multi-brand retailers to create a holistic brand community: human, brand and local. Seekology addresses all of these areas very well.

Localised approach was something Rebecca focused on from the beginning. This not only included building great relationships with local customers, but also reaching out to local retailers, discovering local brands to stock and much more.

Rebecca also made sure to create relationships between the founders of the brands Seekology stocks. This has actually resulted in some collaborations, not to mention a great amount of cross-learning.

So, these elements of wellbeing and community run through every aspect of Seekology brand on purpose and it is certainly working for them.

With her extensive experience and incredibly innovative approach to running a retail business, Rebecca had so much more to share. Watch the whole interview here.

Listen to the whole talk here: