‘This isn’t the time for wild innovation’: Why nostalgic fashion is selling

19 November 2020

In these unprecedented times, a sense of uncertainty lies in everybody’s life. The coronavirus pandemic has enhanced feelings and behaviours never seen before. In this context, a sense of nostalgia for the “better times” is arising in each one of us. Memories can be reassuring and make us feel optimistic in the face of tragedy. Such feelings, however, are also influencing consumers’ behaviours and the items purchased. 

It is believed that those looks and styles already known and beloved will be the ones that will benefit the most. Interestingly, brands promoting a throwback wave in their collections, have already seen a strong increase in their sales. It has been argued, therefore, that it is not the time for wild fashion innovation. Our founder, agrees with that sentiment and believes that “nostalgia can and should extend far beyond product, integrating into customer-facing communications”.

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