The power of Inspiration

10 March 2021

Sometimes shopping happens on impulse, other times instead, we need to put a little bit of thought, we need to feel inspired. If you didn’t know, social media is the main source of inspiration.  Among these, Pinterest has been indicated as the most visited one for getting inspired on what to buy. Influencers and bloggers also play a fundamental role in inspiring people. 

Nowadays, customers rely less on in-store employees and, instead, trust influencers and bloggers. In fact, customers identify influencers and bloggers as trustworthy, reliable and more knowledgeable on certain products. People believe that they would not use the products if they were not actually good.  Due to these motives, influencers and bloggers inspire people on what to buy. Moreover, inspiration can also result from admiration. People might admire these influencers and therefore, get inspired to use those products to be more similar to them. 

Previous research has shown that inspiration can increase self-esteem, optimism, self-determination and general well-being. Moreover, in the context of consumption decisions, inspiration might influence people to consume products or services

As consumers are getting inspiration on their own from everywhere, retailers must do something to inspire their customers. They must be the source of inspiration or at least help their customers in their inspirational journey. In this context, the role of the physical store can be fundamental. Transforming the physical store from a selling to an experiential place can become a source of inspiration where consumers can immerse in the brand, connect to it and to the other consumers by living a shared experience. By doing so, brands could encourage connectivity and community, elements that we are strongly longing in these uncommon times. This would increase their loyalty and would create a feeling of connectedness with the brand. 

To us, inspiration is fundamental. We want to feel inspired, but we also want to be a source of inspiration. We have worked with many brands and we have always discussed new ways in which they could inspire their customers and involve them in immersive experiences. Our goal is to allow people to live more enriching lives and that starts with everyday experiences like going shopping. 

Have you ever thought of how strongly inspiration can impact the success of your brand? Or how inspiration can improve your customer experience? 

Do you want your brand to become a source of inspiration for your customers? 

Do you want your customers to feel so connected to  your brand that they can’t stop talking about it?


Contact us and let’s infuse more inspiration into your brand and customer experience.