The Future of Retail & Impact of Emerging Technology – Rakuten Webinar

Our founder Kate Nightingale was invited to speak at Rakuten latest webinar on ‘The Future of Retail & Impact of Emerging Technology’ together with a great panel of speakers.

The future of retail will be defined by modern shoppers who have come to expect consistent experiences across multiple devices. As consumers, we want to browse and buy on the go or at home and we expect brands to keep up with evolving technologies.

Here a few quotes from the pannelists:

‘Within the last few years brands started to come back to creating fully immersive sensory spectacle. Because they have started to understand that actually that type of spectacle that will create a strong emotional bond with customers.’  – Kate Nightingale

‘To us, consumer trends are about more than technology. What we always aim to do is look at consumer needs through the lens of technology. This is because if you focus too much on technology, you forget about the human needs that are behind it.’ – Vicki Loomes

‘House of Fraser’s internal restructure forced us all to move away from preconceived viagra online ideas and thoughts about millennial shoppers. I am sure we have all read articles about how millennials shop and that smart phones are the leading technology. I wouldn’t disagree with that, but I will say if you focus solely on that – you will lose out.’ – Sophie Evgeniou

‘Moving into an omnichannel world where consumers expect brands to be there when they need them to be, means that we need to understand more complex data sets. Once you connect those dots, in terms of understanding user journeys at a very granular level, that will allow us to expand with real-time marketing.’ – James Collins

‘My firm view is that retail has pretty much turned on its head in terms of how it distinguishes and differentiates itself as a market proposition to consumers. It is no longer sufficient to differentiate simply upon the combination of what was traditionally product, pride and service. Particularly in the more well-established retail organisations.’ – Julian Burnett

Please click here to watch the webinar or to read the full article click here.


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