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Stylist – The Psychology Behind Bread Baking Obsession

Our founder Kate Nightingale was once again approached by Stylist Magazine, this time to comment on the psychology behind people’s bread baking obsession.

Stylist – Why Beauty Products Get Discontinued

Our founder Kate Nightingale commented for Stylist Magazine on how people feel when their favourite beauty products get discontinued.

Fresh From The Lab: Dim Lights Increase Impulsive Behaviour

A recent study shows how light can influence our self-awareness and impulsive behaviour.

Retail – How to Win Consumers’ Minds Next Christmas?

The figures for pre-Christmas sales are in and they show successful period for some, e.g. John Lewis. But what should retailers do to win the battle for consumers’ minds in the run up to Christmas 2015?

The Subconscious Art of Pitching

Last week I had a pleasure of speaking at the She Says event in the Shoreditch House. The subject was pitching for the new business and how to do it well. Read further to see how you can make your pitch better.