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Forbes – Business as Unusual

Our founder Kate Nightingale spoke to Katie Baron, Forbes contributor, on consumer behaviour and brand strategies during and post COVID-19 pandemic.

Stylist – The Psychology Behind Bread Baking Obsession

Our founder Kate Nightingale was once again approached by Stylist Magazine, this time to comment on the psychology behind people’s bread baking obsession.

Retail Store in 20 Years

Read some of the future of retail stores predictions from our recent Mind-Bending Breakfast.

Has M&S made the right decision to switch off the music?

Could they have done anything else & what the science tells us about the background music in retail stores.

Black Friday – Sensory Solutions for Security Nightmare

Black Friday sales can be a security nightmare for retailers. How the science of sensory perception can help with that?

Jigsaw Duke Street Emporium – A Sensory Review

Jigsaw created a lifestyle, experiential retail space Duke Street Emporium combining Jigsaw store, fashion boutique, art/book shop and a cafe. We went to review their sensory experience.