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Retail Store Experience –Adapting to Coronavirus

What can retailers do to adapt their stores for the coronavirus-infused consumer mindset?

Human Discussions with Matilda Andersson, MD of Crowd DNA

We will be speaking with Matilda Andersson, MD of Crowd DNA, about how consumer understand safety now and what should consumer brands do to deliver it to their customers and employees.

Stylist – The Psychology Behind Bread Baking Obsession

Our founder Kate Nightingale was once again approached by Stylist Magazine, this time to comment on the psychology behind people’s bread baking obsession.

Tate Sensorium – Our Experience

This year winner of IK prize – an annual award that rewards the best ideas using innovative technology to increase the public experience of British art – was won by the trio of London artists Flying Objects. They have created … Continued

Fashion That Tastes!

Can taste be converted into a dress or a pair of shoes? Science of synaesthesia would suggest that it’s possible. One fashion designer thought so too.

Sensory Handles – Exploration of Touch

Touch is the first sense which develops in the fetus. We use it to explore the world every day since we’re born. Now designers are using the science of touch to reinvent everyday products, e.g. handles.