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Pivot Your Brand For The New World

As much as these times are stressful, they are also a great opportunity to pivot your brand to prepare for the world post-coronavirus and best support our customers while we are still in self-isolation.

Vogue Business – Coronavirus crisis could transform how fashion works in China

Coronavirus has created a global mass panic but it has also affected the global fashion industry.

Canvas 8 – How can online brands recreate the store in your home?

Kate Nightingale has been approached by research agency Canvas 8 to comment on how online brands can achieve a truly personal experience for their customers.

Digital Detox or Virtual Living

Our lives are increasingly digital. What are the consequences of that and or we already getting tired of virtual living?

Psychology of Online Shopping: How to Survive Christmas?

Our founder Kate Nightingale has been invited to deliver a talk entitiled ‘Psychology of Online Shopping’ in the Electric House on 25th November 2015.

BBC Radio 5 – Online Shopping Delivered in One Hour or Under

Kate Nightingale spoke on BBC Radio 5 on the growing availibility of one hour online shopping deliveries.