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How to embed sustainability into your business and brand?

Join us for our next Human Discussions talk with Jodi Muter-Hamilton.

Community & Wellbeing – Two Major Strategies for the Future of Retail

Join us for our next Human Discussions talk with Rebecca Saunders, founder of Seekology.

How Pandemic Changed Consumers’ Perception of Safety

We chatted to Dr Matilda Andersson, MD at Corwd DNA, about how our perception of safety has changed and what it means for consumer brands.

Human Discussions – New Consumer Brand Playbook with Tracey Woodward

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Human Discussions Collection of Talks

You are invited to intimate discussions about human experience.

How the global Pandemic is changing Consumer-Brand Communication with Fashion Brands

We looked into how fashion industry is responding to coronavirus crisis and what it can mean for their brand perception and customer loyalty post-lockdown.