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British Heart Foundation: Bag It Beat It

Kate Nightingale was asked to be a spokesperson on a campaign promoting British Heart Foundation’s Bag it Beat It fundraising campaign.

Case Study – Harvey Nichols

We have been approached by Harvey Nichols for insight on men shopping habits.

Style.Mic – Fashion Psychology

Kate Nightingale comments on fashion psychology and enclothed cognition for Mic.com.

Psychology of Online Shopping Event

Kate Nightingale will be a panelist on the Psychology of Online Shopping Event, sponsored by The Fashion Network and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Fashion That Tastes!

Can taste be converted into a dress or a pair of shoes? Science of synaesthesia would suggest that it’s possible. One fashion designer thought so too.

The Debrief – The Psychological Reason Why We Wear The Clothes We Wear

Stevie Martin from The Debrief approached Kate Nightingale to talk about how emotions and memories play a role on the way that we dress.