Tag: fashion psychology

British Heart Foundation: Bag It Beat It

Kate Nightingale was asked to be a spokesperson on a campaign promoting British Heart Foundation’s Bag it Beat It fundraising campaign.

Style.Mic – Fashion Psychology

Kate Nightingale comments on fashion psychology and enclothed cognition for Mic.com.

Psychology of Fringes!

What fringed handbag means about you? This is what Kate Nightingale commented on for the German magazine Frau Aktuell.

Psychology of Online Shopping Event

Kate Nightingale will be a panelist on the Psychology of Online Shopping Event, sponsored by The Fashion Network and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The Debrief – The Psychological Reason Why We Wear The Clothes We Wear

Stevie Martin from The Debrief approached Kate Nightingale to talk about how emotions and memories play a role on the way that we dress.

Case Study: Next & Jam PR – Shoe Psychology

Our recent work with Jam PR on Next ShoeBox JukeBox event promoting their new shoe collection.