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Sound & Packaging

A well-chosen sound applied to your packaging can create a multi-sensory, engaging product experience.

Sound and Environment

Sound is more important than it seems. It affects our moods, emotions and behaviours.
We have looked at how sound can influence consumer behaviour.

Loneliness and Consumer Behaviour

How do we shop when we feel lonely?
We have looked at the impact of loneliness on consumer behaviour

The Role of Emotions in Customer Experience

How emotions are impacting consumer behaviour and customer experience?

Retail Store Experience –Adapting to Coronavirus

What can retailers do to adapt their stores for the coronavirus-infused consumer mindset?

Human Discussions with Matilda Andersson, MD of Crowd DNA

We will be speaking with Matilda Andersson, MD of Crowd DNA, about how consumer understand safety now and what should consumer brands do to deliver it to their customers and employees.