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Kate is speaking at Future Stores Conference on 31st May

Kate Nightingale will be speaking at Future Stores conference on 31st May 2017.

Designing for Humans not Consumers – Mindbending Breakfast

Come to our next Mindbending Breakfast to discuss with us how human-centric approach to design can benefit your organisation and your customers.

Canvas 8 – How can online brands recreate the store in your home?

Kate Nightingale has been approached by research agency Canvas 8 to comment on how online brands can achieve a truly personal experience for their customers.

AATCC – Physical Digital

Kate comments on omni-channel strategy for retail brands & its effect on consumer behaviour.

Idenity and Social Media

What can be an effect of social media use on identity development? What does it mean fro consumer-brand relationships?

Digital Detox or Virtual Living

Our lives are increasingly digital. What are the consequences of that and or we already getting tired of virtual living?