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What can retailers do to adapt their stores for the coronavirus-infused consumer mindset?

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Coronavirus has created a global mass panic but it has also affected the global fashion industry.

Autumn Fair – Customer Loyalty, Relationships and Brand Community

Kate Nightingale, at Autumn Fair 2019, inform how to best enhance customer loyalty, strengthen consumer-brand relationships and build brand communities.

Future Branches – The Role of Emotions in Physical and Digital Banking

Kate Nightingale shares the science behind the importance of emotions in consumer behaviour in banking sector.

Canvas 8 – Have we all become ambient shoppers?

Kate Nightingale have been approached by research agency Canvas 8 to comment on consumer decision making process.

Canvas 8 – Why are wishlists the best way to browse?

Kate Nightingale has been approached by the research agency Canvas 8 to comment on the psychology of browsing.