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Autumn Fair – Customer Loyalty, Relationships and Brand Community

Kate Nightingale, at Autumn Fair 2019, inform how to best enhance customer loyalty, strengthen consumer-brand relationships and build brand communities.

Future Branches – The Role of Emotions in Physical and Digital Banking

Kate Nightingale shares the science behind the importance of emotions in consumer behaviour in banking sector.

Kate Nightingale at Future Stores 2018

Kate Nightingale is chairing a panel at Future Stores with experts from Rituals, House of Fraser and Thomas Cook.

Retail – How to Win Consumers’ Minds Next Christmas?

The figures for pre-Christmas sales are in and they show successful period for some, e.g. John Lewis. But what should retailers do to win the battle for consumers’ minds in the run up to Christmas 2015?

Pure London – Encouraging Customer Loyalty Online and Offline

Our founder Kate Nightingale was invited yet again by Pure London to share her knowledge on building loving and loyal relationships with consumers.