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How we shop now: Redefining the retail experience online

An extraordinary shift in shopping behaviour has occurred. Our founder has provided some insights on how retailers can improve and build positive and enduring customer relationships.

Million Dollar Beach House: why are we so obsessed with seeing inside other people’s homes?

Our founder, Kate Nightingale, provided some insights on why we are so obsessed with other people’s homes.

Retail Brands Capitalize On Demand For Zoom-Friendly Accessories

Kate Nightingale has commented for Forbes on the new trend of “video-chat-friendly” accessories.

FoRfest2020 – Applying Psychology to Retail Design that Drives Shoppers Back to Stores

Our founder Kate Nightingale contributed to the talk for the Future of Retail Festival 2020 giving insights on how to ensure a sense of safety and design positive customer experiences.

Coronavirus: Five ways shopping will be different from now on

Non-essentials shops have now reopened, new regulations applied and consumers must be ready.

Travel and COVID-19

We have looked at the impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry and the implications necessary for its future success.