Tag: consumer psychology

Retail Store Experience – Adapting to Coronavirus-Infused Consumer Mindset

What retailers can do to adapt their stores for the coronavirus-infused consumer mindset?

Human Discussions with Matilda Andersson, MD of Crowd DNA

We will be speaking with Matilda Andersson, MD of Crowd DNA, about how consumer understand safety now and what should consumer brands do to deliver it to their customers and employees.

FoRfest2020 – Applying Psychology to Retail Design that Drives Shoppers Back to Stores

Our founder Kate Nightingale contributed to the talk for the Future of Retail Festival 2020 giving insights on how to ensure a sense of safety and design positive customer experiences.

Human Discussions Collection of Talks

You are invited to intimate discussions about human experience.

Case Study – Dowsing and Reynolds

We have worked with the founders of Dowsing & Reynolds to create and implement a new concept for their first ever physical store

Case Study – SNUG

We have been approached by Snug to create a brilliant brand and customer experience