Tag: consumer psychology

Travel and COVID-19

We have looked at the impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry and the implications necessary for its future success.

Impact of Coronavirus on Local Consumption

Exploring and investigating another trend of the consumer behavioural changes during the spread of corona virus: Shopping locally.


Customers have developed new expectations and to flourish, retail must be able to meet them. We have looked at how retailers need to adapt in order to fulfil consumers’ needs and new shopping behaviours.

How the global Pandemic is changing Consumer-Brand Communication with Fashion Brands

We looked into how fashion industry is responding to coronavirus crisis and what it can mean for their brand perception and customer loyalty post-lockdown.

Forbes – Business as Unusual

Our founder Kate Nightingale spoke to Katie Baron, Forbes contributor, on consumer behaviour and brand strategies during and post COVID-19 pandemic.

Stylist – The Psychology Behind Bread Baking Obsession

Our founder Kate Nightingale was once again approached by Stylist Magazine, this time to comment on the psychology behind people’s bread baking obsession.