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Why would you hire a consumer psychologist to work on your brand and customer experience?

We asked our clients why would a brand founder/leader hire a consumer psychologist. Here is what they said.

Online Course: The Psychology of Consumer Behaviour

Our founder has partnered with ELLE Education and created an incredible course through which you will master the keys to make your brand last over time.

Loneliness and Consumer Behaviour

How do we shop when we feel lonely?
We have looked at the impact of loneliness on consumer behaviour

‘This isn’t the time for wild innovation’: Why nostalgic fashion is selling

Our founder has given her insights to Glossy on why nostalgic fashion is selling more than ever

What I Learned Buying Exclusively Black-Owned For A Week

For Black-owned businesses is still difficult to thrive. Our founder has given Bustle some insights on this regard and what could be done.

Klarna bids to encourage smarter shopping with retail psychology

Our founder has developed for Klarna the Rule of Three to ensure that consumers make a considered purchase rather than an impulsive one.