Stylist – Why Beauty Products Get Discontinued

Our founder Kate Nightingale have been approached by Stylist to comments on how people feel when their favourite beauty products get discontinued.

Some of Kate’s comments:

‘We don’t buy the product and not even the brand but rather the symbolic meaning behind it. So for example there is this lipstick that is sold by the brand that has a bold, innovative and independent brand personality and the message around the lipstick is that it pulls out your inner light for everyone to see outside. Then you have additionally learned about it from a friend of yours who have been down for a while but the last time you saw her she was shining and you learned that she was wearing that lipstick. That settles the symbolism of this lipstick in your subconscious brain. You buy it and it does it for you too; men notice you more, clients are more satisfied with your work and you feel more energised.

The customer in this scenario externalises the reason for that change and places it on the lipstick rather than realising that the lipstick was only a trigger for an internal change which won’t disappear so easily just because the lipstick is off the market. Most of the people do so with many beauty products as it is easier to post-rationalise than admit that you have actually changed inside.’

Read the full article on Stylist Magazine website.

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