Stylist – The Psychology Behind Bread Baking Obsession

4 April 2020

Our founder was once again approached by Stylist Magazine to discuss the psychology behind people’s bread baking obsession.

Here are Kate’s comments:

‘In these times all of us are experiencing a strongly reduced sense of control over our lives. Self-reliance is a manifestation of control and therefore one of truly basic human needs: safety. Baking bread is the ultimate act of self-reliance. The independence the act of baking bread delivers is unparalleled to many other manifestations of control right now.

Safety, especially emotional, is also well achieved by meaningful social contact. The smell of baking bread or cakes is subconsciously associated with warm family atmosphere and therefore a sense of child-like comfort and safety, something we all need to feel right now even if not admitting to ourselves.’

Read the full article on Stylist Magazine website.