Spokesperson & Public Speaking

For more than 10 years now our founder Kate Nightingale has been acting as a spokesperson on various campaigns and delivering keynote speaches or moderating panels on industry conferences and internal company events.

The clients that took advantage of Kate’s expertise on their campaigns have included Klarna, Zopa Bank, Harvey Nichols, Next, Collect Plus and British Heart Foundation, just to name a few.

Each campaign is unique and we always gather additional insights to support the campaign’s success. We helped Klarna reduce implusive shopping, Harvey Nichols to understand how men shop, Next to analyse psychology behind shoe shopping, Collect Plus to deliver insights behind click & collect, and British Heart Foundation to encourage more people to donate clothes and homeware.

Some of the companies Kate delivered a personalised presentation to included Disney, Natwest, NPD, ReVive, Crowd DNA, Caulder Moore, Sheridan & Co, Allsop and PwC.

The conferences Kate spoke at include Global Female Leaders, Future Stores, Future Branches, Retail Design Expo, Autumn Fair, Spring Fair, Digital Beauty Forum (Greece), Euroshop, ICSC, Shopper Brain Conference, POPAI Conference, Sleep, and Shopify’s Resilient Retail podcast.

Kate covered such subjects as customer experience, consumer behaviour, brand community, retail design, the future of shopping centres, the future of the high street, product design, packaging design, online customer experience, user experience, the role of emotions in consumer behaviour, multisensory brand and interior design, the future of beauty retail, hospitality and leisure design, the future of bank branches and much more.

Kate is happy to either deliver some of her signature presentations or entirely personalise the presentation to the client’s needs.

Explore our recent work with Zopa Bank on their campaign.

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