We put HUMAN back into the equation to help you create incredibly engaging and successful brands and customer experience.

Customer-centric approach to customer experience is good but it is not great. We are in the business of making your brands great.

Here are some of our unique services inspired by science which assist us in winning your customers’ hearts, minds and wallets.



Behavioural Retail Review is an innovative method of assessing how the retail store concept

impacts on brand perception and consumer behaviour.

If you ever wanted to understand why your store in shopping centre doesn’t get as much footfall, why dwell time is not up to your satisfaction, why the new customers are not coming back, or if you’re simply want to ensure your store is always at its best performance, our review is the answer.

We use decades of scientific knowledge and combine it with an understanding of consumer business, creative innovativeness and even the knowledge of construction to ensure you get the best possible customer experience, and therefore ROI, in your retail property.



Trust, emotional engagement, relationships as well as many commercial benefits every consumer business is looking to achieve are based on subconscious sensory consistency of all of your brand’s communications.

Human brain is a big fan of consistency and is extra attentive to any inconsistencies and mismatched messages.

Our Sensory Brand Signature establishes clear brand sensory communication across all six (not five) major human senses to ensure consistency.

It is essentially your Multisensory Brand Strategy.



Our unique method of establishing and delivering key Emotions, Behaviours and Decisions

across the customer journey.

The principle is that you want your customers to feel, think, and do different things

when they entering your store to when they are checking out.

The way your environment is designed, the messages communicated through all channels and sensory cues

have an effect on what people feel, think, and do.

We fundamentally help you design emotions, behaviours, and decisions rather than stores, websites or campaigns.



Human brain perceives brands as human beings and assigns them human-like personality characteristics;

it is a scientific fact.

This also means that customers expect your brand to behave like a human being, have similar emotions, make mistakes, create similar relationships.

What kind of HUMAN is your BRAND?

We work with you to identify your brand personality and understand how your customers and your employees perceive your brand personality on a conscious and subconscious level.

We then help you to understand what does it mean for your customer experience, design and communication.



Consumer behaviour can be confusing. It is affected by many elements like macro social trends, cultural and individual differences, moods and emotions, environment…

How to develop a retail concept which will serve customers well and not only be valid but also innovative 5-10 years from now? How to ensure that it is emotionally engaging, enhances customer-brand relationships, increases dwell time and sales, and delivers great experience?

This is where we come. We are the missing link between great design and all those behavioural and emotional results you’re looking to achieve.

We work with your design teams to create and deliver

retail concepts which engage your customers’ hearts, minds and wallets.



Why people buy? What drives them? Retail professionals are asking these questions on a daily basis.

We are experts in consumer behaviour blending decades of scientific knowledge with business acumen and creative thinking. So, whatever burning questions about WHY of consumer behaviour you have and HOW does it affect your business, we can help.

Some of the consumer behaviour questions we’ve worked on before:

What ‘value’ means to customers today?

What is the psyche of luxury alcohol buyers?

How Brexit will affect brand choice?



Brand consistency is crucial to developing brand trust, brand value and creating long-term relationships

with your customers.

Customers’ perception is however that brands are often inconsistent.

Sometimes those are subtle differences and sometimes a bit bigger.

It’s the subconscious differences in brand perception however that mostly drive the consumer behaviour.

We work with you to evaluate and improve each channel to ensure your brand consistency in your customers’ minds.



What will be motivating customers to buy in 5-10 years?

How will they be shopping in 10 years? Will physical stores still be relevant?

What role will digital play in customer-brand interaction?

We are certain you and your colleagues often ask these and many similar questions to ensure the future of the brands you work for.

We believe that the understanding of human beings can not only help you see the future more clearly but more importantly can help you create it.

Whether it is a retail store of the future, new way of shopping, or a category-changing product,

our insight into human nature can be just that marginal gain which helps to decide between good and great.