Are we conscious as consumers or not? Can we be influenced by environmental factors and end up buying something we weren’t planning? Yes, we can.

Advances in behavioural sciences in recent decades proved that actually we aren’t so rational and calculated as we thought and that our decisions are often formed completely outside of our awareness.

What does that have to do with retail design? Everything. If anything in our current environment can sway our decision one way or another, surely each sensory stimuli available in-store can affect the consumer behaviour.

This report reviews current scientific evidence on the irrationality of consumer mind and shows how it can be applied in retail design to enhance brand experience, emotional engagement and the commercial effectiveness.

The Short Version (36 pages) includes an introduction to the consumers’ subconscious minds and what does it mean for retail brands as well as architects and designers.

The Full Version (114 pages) additionally covers numerous scientific studies showing the powerful influence of all the sensory stimuli on brand perception, emotional engagement, purchase intention and dwell time, just to name a few.

So if you want to find what type of music increases time spend in store, what lighting evokes impulsive purchases and why we spend more on fashion when hungry, download the full version of the report.