Retail Design Expo 2-3 May 2018


Kate Nightingale has been invited to speak at the Retail Design Expo this year.

She will discuss subjects really close to her heart and to the hearts of many customers at the moment.

As social isolation and loneliness is constantly increasing, with 9mln Britons currently sufferring from it, and technology often making our human contact limited and our relationship more shallow, human natural insitincts are kicking back in.

As a species we have a natural need for a meaningful contact with other human beings and building of communities.

It is no surprise therefore that we are increasingly willing to spend our disposable incomes on enriching and always social experiences rather than on empty and lonely products.

This poses a challenge to the retail industry. Kate however prefers to think of it as an opportunity for retail industry and retail designers to reinvent the design of consumer spaces to foster positive emotions and close social bonds, with that communicating how empathetic the industry and its brands are.

It’s time we build brands and spaces that truly make people’s lives better, in whatever way that it true to your brand.

To hear more about how to actually do it, come and listen to Kate’s talk on Wednesday 2nd May 2018 on Retail Design Expo at Olympia at the Retail Design and Branding Keynote Theatre. For more information and to register to attend this brilliant show, follow this link.

We are looking forward to seeing you there and helping you to enrich your customers’ and employees’ lives with behavioural design.


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