Psychology of Online Shopping: How to Survive Christmas?

Our founder Kate Nightingale has been invited to deliver a talk entitiled ‘Psychology of Online Shopping’ in the Electric House on 25th November 2015.

She will discuss how etailers can utilise knowledge about consumer behaviour, motivations for buying online and various design tricks to entice customers to stay longer on the website, buy more expensive products and more items.

For example, did you know that single image of a product is better than multiple images as it can increase product uniqueness by 16% and the preference for this product by 15%? This is just a taster. There will be more juicy viagra online psychological facts like that during this talk, including how to avoid falling for all these tricks during your Christmas shopping.

The talk will be held at the Electric House on the 25th of November 2015 from 7pm. Members of Soho House group are welcome to attend.

If you’re interested in the talk but aren’t a member of the Soho House Group, Kate will be taking part in the panel of experts discussing the subject of the psychology of online shopping on The Fashion Network and JP Morgan & Chace Co event on 10th November 2015. You can find further details here.


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