Psychology – A Magical Ingredient to a Brand’s Success

An exciting organisation called Raising The Bar is on a mission to bring science and beer closer by organising 30 science-related talks on one night in various bars in London. The Event is taking place on 16th September.

Our founder Kate Nightingale was invited to be one of the speakers.

The Subject: Psychology – A Magical Ingredient to a Brand’s Success

In this talk, consumer psychologist Kate Nightingale will describe how insights from the field of psychology and other behavioural sciences can positively influence various business and creative decisions.

  • How being hungry can make you buy more clothes?
  • How many pictures of a product you should include on a website for best results?
  • What music to play to sell more French wine?
  • What background colour to use in an ad to focus consumers’ attention on technical features of a product?

If you’re intrigued and/or work within/with consumer brands, this talk will give you great and fun insight into the inner workings of consumers’ minds.

Location: Abbey Bar, St. Clare House, 30-33 Minories, London EC3N 1DD

Time: 7pm

To book your tickets visit Raising The Bar website.

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