Product is not enough. Retail chains build their strategies based on customer experience

Nowadays, the greater availability of similar products and the enormous existence of competitors have increased the expectations of customers who are not satisfied with the mere act of buying. Consumers want to live holistic, personalised shopping experiences and retail chains must learn how to do so. Thanks to behavioural psychologists and technologies, brands can now build an effective strategy to enhance customers’ experiences and their relationship with the brands.

These notions have been acknowledged thanks to the latest report “Shopping full of emotions”, prepared by Colliers International and Kate Nightingale, founder of Style Psychology Ltd. Following several research, the authors understood that stores are now seen as “places for services” where added values are offered alongside with quality goods. To offer such values, retails must put into practice strategies which address the human subconscious. In fact, as our founder explains: “the decision to walk into a specific store or buy a specific product can often be made within less than a second”

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