Playing with ultra-thin dolls could make girls want skinnier bodies

18 March 2021

From a young age, we start to understand what an ideal body size might look also due to the fact that we are strongly exposed to images of thin women. Such exposure has been linked with decreased body dissatisfaction. A new study, however, has also found that playing with skinny dolls could make girls want to be thinner, could lead young girls to develop certain body ideals.

The development of certain body standards and the subsequently possible body dissatisfaction can lead to serious consequences as depression or eating disorders.

On this matter, our founder believes that “representations of beauty, which actually reflect the reality of female bodies across all cultures, life stages and gender identities are necessary in toys, media and films to combat decreased body satisfaction”. Moreover, she adds “Children’s identity, including body ideals, is formed based on observation and social comparison, therefore, It is crucial they are exposed to correct representation of body types, shapes and sizes. Such visual exposure combined with marketing full of accepting, respectful and kind language is necessary for forming healthy subconscious associations related to body image”.

We couldn’t agree more with our founder.

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