Pavillion Review

Pavillion Review

You are welcomed by a beautiful array of orchids and other plants. It feels like walking into an orangery which instantly puts you in a good mood. However, there was no one at the entrance to direct me to a table although the waitress acknowledged me with a smile and said she’ll be with me shortly. She was very polite, nice and calm as the space design would have suggested.

The design is very bright, happy and calming yet allowing enough quirkiness and elegance.
There is no specific smell or music accompanying your stay. So the only noise you hear is the coffee machine and other people talking. The atmosphere certainly lacks in experience because of not utilising all the sensory stimuli available. They could benefit highly by spreading the smell of bread and coffee in the morning with introduction of other smells throughout the day to complement the menu and influence consumers’ food choices. Alternatively, a branded scent would do the job. However, the complete lack of this important stimulus made my experience uneventful.

The lighting is warm enough to make you feel comfy and relaxed. The temperature was cool enough but not too cold as compared to the warm weather outside. The intriguing art on the walls and within menus makes you feel slightly surreal but it seems to be a good addition to this brand.

Most of the staff seems to be attentive and welcoming yet efficient.
The uniforms however are much too blunt for this environment. They could really invest is something more quirky yet elegant.

Overall experience is pleasant, warm, elegant and attentive so well worth the visit. You only need to have patience to go through an incredibly long menu.

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