Mindbending Consumer Property

3 May 2018


We invite you to our next Mindbending Breakfast entitled ‘The Changing Shape and Form of Consumer Properties’.


Wednesday 23rd May 2018

8am – 11am

8-8.45am – Coffee & Networking

9-10am – Panel Discussion

10-10.30am – Q&A

10.30-11am – Networking & Wrap Up

Clifton Street, Shoreditch, London

As people’s lifestyles are becoming more fluid and we’re moving more smoothly between our numerous social roles and activities, so are our demands towards consumer properties. Therefore the lines between retail, hospitality, entertainment, travel or even healthcare are continuously blurring. As properties are increasingly representative of the fluid and holistic nature of human psyche, consumer brands and property developers need to lead this natural progression of build environments.

With growing focus on well-being and return to nature, including biomimicry and biophilic design, how can we ensure this is implemeted at every stage of design and development, from town planning to resultant customer exprience?

With increase in mental health issues and social isolation, with technology often contributing to them, how can we ensure that community and social spaces, which consumer properties are, will foster social interactions, positive mental states and eventually lead to healthier and more productive societies?

As technology is becoming every day a more integral part of human lives, how can we ensure it is seamlessly implemeted into consumer properties without having negative effects on customer experience and human well-being?

Will this changing shape and role of consumer properties mean changes to business models for consumer brands and property developers and what signs of it can we already see?

These are the questions Kate Nightingale will ask the panel of experts and you, the attendees, so we can hopefully come out with ideas on how to design a better future. Meet our experts.

Jon Tollit, Principal, Gensler

Jon is an award-winning Principal and Europe leader for Design Experience at Gensler’s London office and oversees projects in the lifestyle sector. With an architectural background, and over 30 years of industry experience, his design expertise includes an extensive, global portfolio of customer focused, architecture and interiors projects. Widely published, Jon has been a visiting tutor at a number of leading design schools in the UK and the US and actively campaigns for best practice through mentoring the next generation of design leaders.
Zuzanna Baranowska, Senior Research Analyst, Revo
Zuzanna has 12 years’ experience in international commercial property. Having worked across various property sectors, she chose retail as a key focus area. She is fascinated not only by differences and similarities in consumers’ behaviour around the globe, but also by the variety of factors impacting retail and retail property industry nowadays.

At Revo, she works with other members of Though Leadership Team on thought-provoking insights on industry and political issues, helping members and external audiences make sense of the future for retail property and placemaking industry.

As we aim to create an intimate and valuable discussion for all humans involved, we have limited spaces to maximum 30. So please RSVP to info@stylepsychology.co.uk asap if you or any of your collegues and client’ want to attend.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on 23rd May bright and early.