Mindbending Breakfast – The Magic Happens on the Shopfloor

As part of our exclusive The #1Club for the champions of incredible customer experience, we are organising our next Mindbending Breakfast entitled ‘The Magic Happens on the Shopfloor’ taking place on Wednesday 27th September.

I have recently had a pleasure to speak at Future Stores, a conference focused on retail design and customer experience attended by major retail directors from across Europe. Throughout the two days, many speakers mentioned the importance of the employees working on the shopfloor in creating incredible customer experience. This has been further reinforced in conversations during networking breaks.

I was happy to hear that as it is also my firm belief that employees with the direct contact with customers are the ones that have the power to create magic. This is confirmed by numerous studies, both scientific and from the industry.

Yet, those employees often are not given enough agency and trust from the organisation to feel empowered to represent it. That plus leadership, internal communication and hiring processes often lead to unhappy, not recognised and therefore unengaged employees. This is unfortunately then transferred to customers, their brand perception and experience.

I have therefore decided to invite three amazing experts to our next Mindbending Breakfast to discuss innovative ways and real case studies of engaging employees and taking advantage of their incredible insight with the aim of creating truly incredible (and therefore effective) customer experience.

If you would like to join the discussion, please RSVP to info@stylepsychology.co.uk and come to get your mind bended.

Now it’s time to meet our wonderful experts who will help us discuss the importance of employees in creating #1 customer experience.

Hannah Shepherd is Head of Retail Experience at Virgin Media.

She has over 14 years experience working for Virgin Media Retail in both front-line sales and head office. Hannah is responsible for internal communications and customer experience at Virgin Media Retail.
She is well known in her business for pioneering the use of new and innovative media tools that reflect and contribute to the modern business environment. Hannah enjoys problem solving and finding opportunities to do things differently.

Richard Clayforth

Like many people within the industry, I fell into retail. After acting & fashion it’s my third incarnation and luckily the one I seem better at and until my international modelling career takes off I’ll stick with it. I’ve worked in fashion (Tommy Hilfiger, Karen Millen) and beauty (Molton Brown, currently Miller Harris) for a dozen or so brands over 22yrs. I truly believe in the real face-to-face retail experience at it’s best still has the power to enthuse the most jaded customer.

Mel Hales is the founding director of Rush Talent.

Mel founded Rush Talent Collective in 2015, after almost a decade of working in broadcasting in a high-pressure environment, where work/life balance and mental health were never treated as a priority. She experienced and witnessed high-stress levels, exhaustion and eventually burnout, which is when she came to the conclusion that looking after employee’s mental and physical health at work was the key to high performance and a thriving organisation.
After training in mindfulness Mel started to work with businesses and individuals to help improve mental health in the workplace and beyond.
She is trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and is currently training in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). She is also a mental health first-aider.

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