Million Dollar Beach House: why are we so obsessed with seeing inside other people’s homes?

2 September 2020

The new season of Netflix’s Selling Sunset has reached a great success in a short period of time, becoming one of the public’s favourite show. The cast is iconic, and the show has plenty of drama but, of course, the real protagonist are the marvellous houses. Selling Sunset has almost become an addiction for most of the audience. In fact, there is something addictive about getting to explore seemingly perfect homes.

Human beings are generally fascinated by other’s homes. Moreover, being able to see inside someone else’s home can feel transgressive and exciting. The ability to see what people’s living space look like allow to know more about others alongside with their passion and interests. In this context, it has been found that many people find other’s homes truly fascinating, the same people who admitted to “spy” inside people’s homes through the current Zoom calls during lockdown.

The question is: what is it about seeing inside other people’s homes that is so intriguing to us?

According to our founder, Kate Nightingale, people might be so intrigued and interested due to our innate need to “fit in” with our peers. Being able to look inside other’s homes should be think as “research in a social and natural way”. According to Kate, “observation and social copying are necessary mechanisms for identity management as well as understanding what is required to fit in, and therefore survive, in social groups,” she explains. “This combined with our human integral drive for betterment means we have an inherent need to find our way into the lives of those considered having higher status in the tribes we live in”

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