Kate is speaking at Future Stores Conference on 31st May


Kate Nightingale will deliver a keynote on the Future Stores conference in London on 31st May 2017.

She has been asked to discuss how using consumer behaviour knowledge can help retailers create a more engaging and effective in-store experience and contribute to long-lasting relationships with customers.

She is honourned to be speaking amongst some of the main leaders in retail and retail design industry and is looking forward to connecting with other like-minded innovators.

We are also going to offer a special prize of one Behavioural Retail Review of one London store (one floor for department stores) for one lucky winner.

Behaviourial Retail Review is an innovative method of assessing how the retail store concept impacts on brand perception and consumer behaviour.

If you ever wanted to understand why your store in shopping centre doesn’t get as much footfall, why dwell time is not up to your satisfaction, why the new customers are not coming back, or if you’re simply want to ensure your store is always at its best performance, our review is the answer.

We use decades of scientific knowledge and combine it with an understanding of consumer business, creative innnovativeness and even the knowledge of construction to ensure you get the best possible customer experience, and therefore ROI, in your retail property.

For more information on the conference, to book your tickets and register for the prize, visit the Future Stores conference website.


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