If Gen Z killed fast fashion, why is fast fashion still booming?

16 February 2021

Latest statistics have shown that the secondhand market is set to hit $64 billion in the next five years, outpacing fast fashion by 2029. Gen Z and millennials are adopting secondhand faster than any other age group. However, fast fashion is still growing, and consumers are buying from cheaper and faster e-commerce retailers.

In this context, size inclusivity has a role in convincing people to buy from cheaper brands as many ethical fashion brands are not accessible. Moreover, job losses and low incomes seem to play a fundamental role. Interestingly, Aja Barber believes the contrary. “Fast fashion is perpetuated by the middle class and wealthy because the poor do not have the funds to keep this cycle profitable”.

According to our founder, the majority of consumers buy impulsively and “the emotions and psychological benefit of five or six fast-fashion pieces can be different than that of one or two sustainable pieces”. Our founder also adds that “We need a different way of marketing sustainability that goes way deeper into our psyche and fulfils other desires than just the one for being environmentally friendly”.

Do you agree with our founder?

These are only a few of the elements discussed in the article, so if you want to know more read the article here