Human Discussions with Matilda Andersson, MD of Crowd DNA

20th July 10am BST

Cultural Codes, Meanings and Representations of Safety

Safety has many manifestations in the normal circumstances, but it has become even more complex in the face of the global pandemic.

Need of safety is one of the most fundamental needs to human survival and well-being. As the pandemic threatened the continuous provision of safety, people are searching for it everywhere and their decisions are strongly driven by it. We used to take safety for granted in the Western world but certainly not anymore.

With the complex web of meanings of safety and its representations in design, language, experience and behaviour, it is necessary for consumer brands to understand these changing cultural codes and know how to create sense of safety for their customers, employees and wider public.

Every channel is up for grabs and no brand is exempt from it. Leaders need to recognise that majority of the perception of safety happens subconsciously, meaning that tiny nuances in design, language or behaviour can make or break the brand.

Our founder Kate Nightingale will be speaking with Matilda Andersson, MD for London and Amsterdam at a cultural insight and strategy agency Crowd DNA. Matilda also has PhD in Human Geography making her uniquely qualified to discuss cultural shifts and their impact on consumer behaviour.

This is an interactive talk with a chance for anyone to ask Matilda their questions. We are looking forward to conversing with you.

Matilda’s Bio:

Matilda Andersson is managing director of Crowd DNA London and Amsterdam. Matilda has worked in cultural research and strategy most of her career in various roles at the BBC and BBC studios before joining Crowd DNA. She’s even managed to get a PhD in human geography in between running an agency, circus performances and being a mum. She now leads a blended team of qual and quant researchers, trends analysts, semioticians, social media analysts through to videographers, designers and copywriters helping clients gain culturally charged commercial advantage. At Crowd DNA her team is doing research, shaping strategy and producing content for some of the most exciting brands around the world like Asahi, IKEA, adidas and Viacom CBS to mention a few.



Tickets are free but limited. The ticket registration is open till 10am BST on 19th July. You will then receive an email with Zoom link.

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  3. Jason Jules

    I don’t have a website right now, but consult and write for a number of brands and creatives. I’m not sure if relates directly to my work but I’m super interested in this topic and your project as a whole.
    Interesting that the idea is to posit safety as something brands can offer or even embody, when historically they are predicated in exploiting various levels of insecurity – eg, scarcity, inadequacy, loneliness…
    In the past I’ve worked with Nike, Levis, Bbc Tv, Sony Récords, Somerset House, Grafik Mag…
    Best & thanks,


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