Human Discussions – New Consumer Brand Playbook with Tracey Woodward

Join us for the next talk from our Human Discussions Collection on Tuesday 04.08.2020 at 10am BST.

What will we be speaking about?

The pandemic has shone the light onto every aspect of creating and running consumer brands. No matter what you are selling, fashion, beauty, luxury, the previous ways of doing business are currently being reframed.

All people had time to re-evaluate their lives, their work and their consumption habits. We have all seen many changes in how people buy, what they buy and who they buy from. Many people lost their jobs or were furloughed, some now returning to work with completely different mindsets.

Continuous changes to how people want to live, what they believe in and how that impacts their consumption are occurring, with every month showing new ways of behaviour.

Brand and business leaders are asked to come up with new playbooks for how they inspire their teams, communicate with their customers or even build relationships with their manufacturers.

Low level needs of safety are smoothly mixed with higher level needs of finding life meaning and creating positive impact on planet and other people. This motivates different consumption and work experience.

To explore key changes that consumer brand leaders are and will be facing, we will be speaking with Tracey Woodward, a renowned leader in beauty market and Executive Board Member at CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women).

We are looking forward to conversing with Tracey and you about the new playbook for consumer brands.

Tracey’s Bio:

Tracey Woodward is a highly respected and renowned leader in the beauty industry, currently in the role of Executive Board Member at CEW. Her 30 years long career saw her helping many brands build lasting success and engaged teams. Her leadership has revamped and strengthened brands like Urban Retreats, Aromatherapy Associates and Marks & Spenser Beauty. She also often advises up and coming brands, assisting them in creating truly amazing businesses.

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