We want to introduce you to our new collection of talks, originally to run every 2 weeks on Monday mornings at 10am BST (1st and 3rd Monday of the month; sometimes Tuesday, if Bank Holiday) starting 20th July 2020. The idea is to inspire you for the 2 weeks ahead and allow you enough time to start implementing some of the things you might learn from our guests.

We will be speaking with humans about humans, human brands, humans as consumers, humans buying things, experiencing things, humanising spaces like stores, restaurants, high streets and cities, humanising brands, human love for planet, meaning and belonging and so much more.

The discussions will feature one special guest and our founder Kate Nightingale asking questions. We want these events to be intimate so that all of the attendees have a chance to ask questions and share their opinion. No presentations, just old-fashioned dialogue.

We want to go as deep as we can in these conversations so we can all better understand humans and how to apply this knowledge to our own businesses. Our hope is that you come out of these events fully inspired and motivated to create even more amazing brands and businesses, ones that truly better people’s lives and help to make the world a better place for all of the humanity.

So, come and join us, and if you like it, spread the word to your clients, colleagues and friends. We will be posting information about the next event as soon as the previous one ends, allowing you to quickly RSVP.

We welcome propositions of topics you want us to discuss and guests you think might be interesting to hear from.

Looking forward to seeing you on our first event and conversing with you about humans.