Our next Human Discussions talk is on Monday 14th September 2020 at 13.30 BST with Jodi Muter-Hamilton.

Sustainability is not anymore a nice have item on business agenda, it is a necessity. Customers are more aware by the day and the pandemic has only accelerated the speed of change. They keep brands accountable and question all the sustainable and ethical claims.

But as a brand leader you might feel overwhelmed with all the boxes you need to tick to be sustainable. It is often baffling where to start, especially when you already have a successful business and suppliers and processes that work for you.

What about communicating your sustainable efforts to your customers without risking ‘green washing’? How to seamlessly embed it into your existing brand strategy and marketing without losing current customers and winning new ones?

We have invited Jodi Muter-Hamilton, a renowned sustainability expert, to answer some of these questions for you and share with you some useful resources.

Jodi’s Bio:

Jodi Muter-Hamilton has been working with many fashion businesses, helping to create

incredible brands and marketing, where she realised that conversation around sustainability in

fashion needs to evolve. She founded Black Neon Digital, an independent editorial and podcast

platform, in 2017, growing it into an amazing consultancy helping to build brands with integrity. Jodi is also a Partner and Communications Director at Fashion Roundtable, working to make the fashion

industry more sustainable and valued as contributor to economy. But that’s not all! She has also

founded Project 2030, which is uniting the cross-industry leaders to create a garment traffic light system, aiming to make it easier for everyone to adopt sustainable fashion design practices and consumption habits.


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