How brands must approach the human experience

Kate Nightingale has met Campaign’s Jeremy Lee,  Green Room’s Fraser Warren and Kantar TNS’ Tim Pritchard to discuss how, in the era of technology, brands can still put humans first. Nowadays, the main presence of technology has led to a shift of focus, overshadowing the importance of humans in customers’ shopping experience both in-store and online. As our founder explains: “technology for the sake of technology has made brands lose sight of how best to connect with customers”. Certainly, tech hugely improves relevance of a brand experience but consumers need more. In fact,  their shopping experience can be defined as a proper journey where all the senses and human needs or desires are involved. In this context, “technology and humans can work together to create experiences that might be unexplainable and untestable but that tap into the holistic human journey”. Therefore, it is necessary acknowledge how, also through the use of technology, brands can provide an exceptional experience to customers.

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