Autumn Fair – Customer Loyalty, Relationships and Brand Community

Interested to know how to increase customer loyalty or create a long-lasting relationship with your customers? Then listen to our founder Kate Nightingale at Autumn Fair 2019 where she explains the methods through which brands can enhance customer loyalty, build brand communities and strengthen consumer-brand relationships.

As our founder explains, there are several methodologies which enable to create a positive relationship with consumers. Within these, great importance must be given to the element of reciprocity, the value exchange between the brand and its consumers. Allowing consumers to feel a sense of ownership over the brand is also very useful. In fact, by doing so, customers will become more likely to spread positive messages, about the brand, across their social media. Moreover, they would also become more engaged with the brand and therefore, loyal to it.

These are just few elements that should be taken into account. To know more:





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