Case Study – Zopa

23 February 2021

We have worked with Zopa to mark the launch of its new credit card which puts consumers in complete control of their money.

Through our help, Zopa is challenging consumers to train themselves in self-control in order to reduce their impulse spending.

What we did?

  1. Provided insight on the psychology of impulsive shopping.
  2. Created 5 shopper profiles from those firmly in control of their money matters to those who can’t resist the urge to splurge.
  3. Created spending style quiz.
  4. Created personalised to each shopper type techniques to help them increase their sense of control.
  5. Created a list of 5 ways to strengthen your spending control.
  6. Provided expert commentary for press release.
  7. Recorded social media videos explaining the importance of sense of control to wellbeing and providing tips on how to increase your sense of control.

The features appeared in Grazia and This is Money.