Case Study – Water Babies

14 August 2016


We have been approached by the leisure brand Water Babies to collaborate with architectural and design company rpa:group on the concept design for their first ever branded leisure centre.

Water Babies has an outstanding reputation as the world’s biggest, most professional baby and toddler swimming programme, welcoming over 44,000 children (and their parents/carers) into warm water at around 560 local pools every week.

Our role was to help create unique and innovative brand experience which will represent the brand consistently across the customer journey and in various locations across the world.

To understand how Water Babies brand experience should look like, we first needed to engage the Water Babies team in a strategic process of establishing the following:

  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Experience
  • Customer Journey
  • Emotions, Behaviours & Decisions (EBD) at every step of the Customer Journey
  • Sensory Brand Signature (SBS)

Once we had this covered, we have worked with rpa:group on creating the concept design.

Our focus has always been to deliver incredible customer experience throughout the whole centre, both for parents and the babies, and to ensure that this experience will be consistent in all locations across the world.

Here are some images of the centres in China.