Case Study – The Monkey Puzzle Tree

The Monkey Puzzle Tree has taken advantage of our Behavioural Brand Audit to refine the brand’s consumer journey.

The Monkey Puzzle Tree is a truly unique and innovative fabrics and wallpaper brand. Their social impact and devotion to their artists is unparalleled and they strongly commit to local businesses.

Our work included:

  1. Behavioural analysis of the brand strategy and customer profile;
  2. Behavioural review of branding, online/offline experience and marketing;
  3. Personalised report outlining the findings with possible solutions and developments

Testimonial by Charlotte Raffo, founder of The Monkey Puzzle Tree:

“I first came across Kate when I read that she had done some great work with Dowsing & Reynolds. When I saw the offer for the Behavioural Brand Audit I thought this would be a great opportunity to find out how to refine my consumer journey. Kate spent a lot of time talking to me, really getting to know the brand and doing in depth research. The resulting report was amazing and very thorough, giving me a mixture of easily actionable tasks to more in depth analysis on how I present the brand and product descriptions. I really felt like Kate got to understand the brand, and didn’t mince her words when telling me what needed to be done!
I’d highly recommend a Behavioural Brand Audit to businesses who feel like they are doing most things right but where maybe there’s something you feel like you’re missing. This is something I will repeat in a couple of year’s time as it is so valuable to get an up to date objective overview of the consumer journey and what could be done to improve it. Thanks Kate!’
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