Case Study: Next & Jam PR – Shoe Psychology

27 April 2015

Style Psychology has been approach by Jam PR to help them personalize blogger’s invitations for their latest ShoeBoxJukeBox event, promoting their newest shoe collection, in Shoreditch.

Jam PR understood the fact that creating a unique and bespoke invitation message would yield higher response rate as well as a greater coverage of the event. They wanted to include a psychological analysis of each blogger´s personality based solely on their choice of shoes, knowing that it will delight and surprise them. As experts in consumer behaviour we knew that such a personalized and unique approach would also activate the reciprocity effect and therefore ensure a higher event attendance as well as social media activity.

As unique experts within fashion and consumer psychology we were an ideal choice for the Jam PR and Next to create a personalized note for each of the 60 bloggers attending the event.

To deliver an accurate analysis we had utilized an array of the scientific research on personality, identity expression through fashion and personal style as well as a number of studies on first impression and personality perceptions based on a person´s fashion choices. We have been provided by the Jam PR with the pictures of the shoes chosen by the bloggers and based only on these pictures we were able to create a tailored personality analysis for each of them.

Each blogger received their chosen pair of shoes with an invitation to the ShoeBoxJukeBox event as well as the personalized note created by us. The response from the bloggers was even better than expected with plenty of messages of delight, gratefulness and appreciation.

Our involvement contributed to the huge success of the event with full attendance resulting in a great number of social media and blog post. Jam PR and Next were very grateful to us for helping them create these unique and forward thinking event which allowed them to increase bloggers’ engagement and put their new shoe collection into the minds of British fashionistas.

Here are some testimonials from the bloggers, pictures of the personalized notes and ShoeBoxJukeBox event as well as the testimonial from the Jam PR team.

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Next Jam PR ShoeBoxJukeBox Event Bloggers Posts

Next Jam PR ShoeBoxJukeBox Event Main Photo


‘Kate has been a total dream to work with during the Next Shoebox Jukebox campaign, we wanted to create something different and unique for the bloggers, not just a standard invite – and her shoe psychology note really brought the idea of the Shoebox Jukebox to life. Kate went above and beyond, even when I requested more written analysis. The bloggers LOVED what she had written and they all said how ‘spot on’ she was, which I found amazing. I can’t wait to work with her in the future, I would certainly recommend her to my other colleague.’ 

Gemma Glover, Jam PR