British Heart Foundation: Bag It Beat It

2 November 2017


Kate Nightingale has been asked to be a spokesperson on British Heart Foundation’s fundraising campaign Bag It Beat It which was looking to raise 1 million bags of clothes to be sold in their charity shops.

Kate was asked to comment on the research that showed that people are not so willing to donate to charity as they either can’t be bothered or feel that clothes they don’t want can’t possibly be useful for others.

Kate has focused on how closely clothes and accessories we were are tied to our identity and that often it is very emotional to throw such items out as it is like parting with elements of your Self.

Below you can listen to a few radio interviews that Kate had done to promote the campaign.

Thank you to the BHF team for asking us to be involved with such a brilliant campaign. It was honestly a pleasure to help you.


British Heart Foundation (BHF) Testimonial:

We worked with Kate for our annual Bag It Beat It (BIBI) campaign as we were looking for a retail consumer expert to analyse and discuss our survey results on clothing wastage. She was incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and her understanding of the retail sector and how consumers shop today bought much credibility to our radio day interviews.

Her positive and uplifting personality meant she was also able to work in synergy with our BHF spokesperson naturally. We wouldn’t hesitate to approach Kate again in future and look forward to building a long lasting working relationship together.

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BBC Radio Leeds

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