Fresh From The Lab – Black and white imagery makes you think ‘big picture’ whereas colour imagery makes you detail-focused

Find out how that can affect consumer decision making.

Fresh From The Lab – ‘An Empty Stomach May Open Your Purse’

Why we buy more products and spend more money when we’re hungry?

Retail – How to Win Consumers’ Minds Next Christmas?

The figures for pre-Christmas sales are in and they show successful period for some, e.g. John Lewis. But what should retailers do to win the battle for consumers’ minds in the run up to Christmas 2015?

Canvas 8 – Expert Outlook on Retail 2015 with Kate Nightingale

Canvas 8, a behavioural insight agency, interviewed our founder Kate Nightingale on how retail & shopping will look like in 2015.

Black Friday – Why We Do It To Ourselves?

Fighting; Buying things you don’t need; Massive amounts of crowd-originated injuries – just some of the features of Black Friday weekend sales. Find out what drives us to behave that way.

Kate Nightingale Shortlisted at Women in Marketing Awards 2014

Kate Nightingale was shortlisted at Women in Marketing Awards 2014.