Department Stores are Exhausting – Is Found Boutique by John Lewis an Answer?

John Lewis introduces new boutique-in-store concept. What are the changes in consumer behaviour that led to it? What will be the effect of such concept on John Lewis’ consumer behaviour?

Case Study: New Luxury Flash Sale Website

A new luxury flash sale website came to us to help them promote their brand. We decided to start from the beginning…

Amazon One Hour Delivery Creating Stronger Community

Amazon UK introduced 1hr delivery which would result in stronger community and higher brand advocacy.

John Lewis Decided to Charge for Click & Collect Service

John Lewis is to charge for Click & Collect services. Consumers might see it as unfair.

Fashion That Tastes!

Can taste be converted into a dress or a pair of shoes? Science of synaesthesia would suggest that it’s possible. One fashion designer thought so too.

Sensory Handles – Exploration of Touch

Touch is the first sense which develops in the fetus. We use it to explore the world every day since we’re born. Now designers are using the science of touch to reinvent everyday products, e.g. handles.